Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hey wait. Summer might not be gone yet!

On my last posting I was saying how the summer was well and truly gone and that the autumn season or fall season for the people across the atlantic had begun in earnest. Maybe I was a bit hasty in my announcement. For the last couple of days it has been raining on and off but the temperatures have remained in the high teens and have even reached twenty degrees at times. Not only that but also just today a clutch of swallows left their nest on the front porch and are now practising their flying and insect catching around the garden and the surrounding fields. To add to that we have over the last couple of days had a family of bats move into the roof of our garden shed. To cap it all the starlings have started nesting in the roof of the house again and I saw yesterday a wood pigeon carrying nesting material to a tree in the garden. The calender says that it is autumn and whether it`s the high temperatures or something else I am not sure, but  one thing certain is that at the very least the boundaries between summer and autumn have become blurred.

       An Autumn clutch of swallow chicks just after leaving the nest.


        This was the chicks last feed before their maiden flight.

  The latest in the year  that I have seen swallows hatch out young birds was in mid October but I don`t know if they were successful in rearing them up to the required strenght for migration. I`ve know doubt that the above chicks will have a good chance of reaching their winter feed grounds in Africa what with all the insect life here along the Munster Blackwater valley. If anyone else reading this blog has seen birds nesting unusually late this year it would be nice to hear from you. 

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