Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wild reading for a present.

I have just recieved a present of a new book called
 "Wildlife Walks in Waterford"

After just flicking through the book I can already see that this is a book which many people will find usefull.The book has thirty different walks listed, which all come with detailed maps and access instructons. 

 Of these, the walks in the west of the county are of extra interest to me as they take in some of the areas where I have had many walks over the years.

Last Sunday I took a short walk in Dromana wood which is marked as walk number 21 on the map above. The red icon showing 21 is actually in the wrong place and should be repositioned to the north of Villerstown where I have drawn in a red and yellow circle. However, all other information about that particular walk seems correct.
    Over the coming months as I try to increase my walking distances in an effort to recover from a back injury I will try to test as many of these walks as possible.
    Last Sunday in Dromana it was a day of heavy persistant rain so I didn`t try to venture very far. Because of the weather I had the wood to myself and with the steady rain and lack of any wind (a strange occurence so far this year) I found it a very peacefull if slightly damp stroll. Signs of Spring are all around us now and any where you look there are signs of new growth and recovery from the long wild Winter.

            The two pictures above show a beech tree in DromanaWood.

 The beech tree is one of the trees in Irish woods which holds on to it`s leaves longer than all others. Even though the day was heavily overcast with constant rain these leaves while in an obviously withered state still seemed to shine with an incredible lustre. Nearby there were other beech trees with buds already formed and waiting to open. I suppose it`s just another sign of the diversity found between not only species but also between different individuals of the same species. 

     I started this blog a few months ago only for the intention of having a platform where a letter concerning the downgrading of the local town jetty in Youghal could be posted and links for the same be sent to various parties.trouble-brewing-in-youghal. After that I began to use it as somewhere to keep a diary of some of my rambles along and around the Blackwater valley. I was intending to keep it private but made a mistake and posted it to the public. I am now starting to get some feedback locally about my writing here. If you have any comments or suggestions I would appreciate it if you would click the box below a leave a comment.
                                             Thank You,
                                                                 Tony Lawlor.

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  1. Hi tony, got the book and I am very pleased with it. I am sure it will come in handy,like you I have done some of these walks in the past.It is nice to have a reference book complete with all the relevant information.Like you I am looking forward to ticking them off.Cheers for the review.