Monday, 3 March 2014

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Today I harvested what is probably one of the final boxes of vegetables from the garden this season. As the year moves on it is now time to start planning the planting of this years fruit and veg.

 The above picture is this years last box of organic vegetables from the garden. Swedes,carrots, parsnips, red cabbage and early sprouting broccoli.

    However because of an ongoing back injury I have decided that I shall have to give up on the production of fresh vegetables for this season at least. For the last couple of years I have had great crops from the veg garden which have made us fairly self sufficent as far as vegetables go.

  However , this was only possible with the help of family and friends who did great work for me after I injured my back in a road accident. This year I think it`s only fair to give them a rest. This leaves me with a small problem. What to do with the vegetable garden? There is a lot of bits and pieces of roots and root vegetables to be dug out of the ground before I can leave it go fallow for a year or two. Maybe some of it can be turned into a wildlife garden. But what about the roots etc.? I shall have to get a rotovater. But what model? What about this model?

    I think instead of providing the vegetable course for the family meals I will have a go at providing the meat course. I still have some apple trees which will give us some nice apple sauce.
     So any vegetable pieces left in the ground can be recycled.

                                From this.                                                            
                   To this.

                         To this!

      Sounds like fun!  Don`t you think?

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