Sunday, 23 February 2014

The loss of our hardwoods

                                                                                                                          On my recent travels around the local area I have been astounded by the huge amount of huge mature trees that have fallen  victim to the recent storms. Among these I have seen ash, oak, beech, walnut and yew just to name a few. So what you might say?                                   The unfortunate thing is that nearly all of these have ended up being chopped up for firewood. As a woodworker who is also a keen woodturner  I see this as a terrible loss of raw materials. This amount of mature hardwoods in a country with as little aforrestation as Ireland might only come around once in a generation. What a shame.

                 This is the main trunk of the tree whose leaves are pictured above. I think it is a walnut tree. I would appreciate any help or opinions on a definite identification of this one.

  This is one of a number of large yew trees that have fallen i a nearby graveyard. These trees are possibly a couple of hundred years old and like the one pictured above and many, many more are all destined for firewood.