Friday, 14 February 2014

Blackwater Valley Valentines Moon

This Valentines day coincides with a full moon. Even though the skies have been cloudy for so long now the full moon still tried to shine through. I suppose this is the true "Lovers Moon" trying to shine through all difficulties. For anyone who thinks that they need a hand with this love business here is a link for those of you with a devious touch, and some music to listen to while you are planning.


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  1. Tony, thank you for visiting my blog. To answer your point. The maize in question abouts the sea wall, the field containing a pool to which wildfowl are attracted by regular feeding from September to January. Local people are well used to the sound of shooting and the regular visits of parties of shooters and individuals, but those same people are not necessarily aware of the law regarding the shooting season. The people I saw were not shooting Woodpigeons as the local Woodpigeons stay well clear of this and other fields. The guys were some 150 yards from me on a private field where I and others are regularly told to leave if trespassing. The vehicles were parked so that number plates were not visible from 150 yards away.

    The guys were clearly in the wrong and I have reported the matter to local Police who arrived 10 minutes after the shooters had left, but i will be following it up.