Thursday, 9 January 2014

The storms are over (for a while).

It is a month since I have posted anything. The weather has been atrocious and there hasn`t been much happening along the river. At last we are beginning to get some calmer weather and I got out today for a walk. The river was mirror calm this morning and as I walked along the bank the sound of water flowing was everwhere as all the little feeder streams were full and were making their own little waterfalls as they made their way to the main river. Hopefully over the next few weeks the weather willl continue to improve and the river will again come to life.
A calm morning on the river Blackwater.
A rare scene during the last month of storms.
A feeder stream emerges from the riverbank as a little waterfall.
Another stream tumbles over the stony ground as the flood waters continue to flow.

This stream above is doing its best to do a miniature version of Angel Falls as it emerges from the riverbank onto a rocky shore.

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