Thursday, 5 December 2013

And the rivers wait.

I took a walk over the weekend on the banks of one of the River Blackwaters tributaries which is important as a spawning ground for the returning salmon each year. The dry winter seems to be having an impact on the amount of fish reaching the spawning grounds this year as I didn`t spot any fish where I would usually see a few. Just the resident brown trout. However, I have seen a few fresh fish jumping on the main river over the last couple of days so hopefully when the rains come there will be plenty of fish to run up the rapids and over the falls to provide plenty of fish for the years to come. News has also reached me of a large run of fish on the river Suir which enters the sea about forty miles east of the mouth of the Blackwater. On two successive nights at the start of this week  one thousand fish were counted on each night going up over a weir by a mechanical fish counter.  It puts one thinking as to what the levels of fish must have been in all Irish rivers a couple of hundred years ago. It must have been similar to what Alaska is today. What a pity that during the famine that the local people weren`t allowed to fish for them.

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