Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Update on Youghal jetty development.

Good news today for all Youghal boaters.Following a few weeks of controversy regarding the downgrading of Youghals town jetty there seems to have been a breakthrough. The local council yesterday evening took up the kerbing which they had laid and which was impeding wheelchair and emergency access to and from the jetty. It would be nice to think that the council woke up one morning and saw the bright light of common sense but it is well known that a letter written by John Innes of Aquatrek.ie (see post on Oct. 14th) was viewed  by MEP. Brian Crowley. In further e-mails Mr. Crowley confirmed that "discussions" had taken place with Youghal U.D.C. Sometimes the system works.
 These two pictures show some of the development going on near the town jetty.

What you are looking at are a collection of umbrellas/sunshades which are still in their folded state.

There are some concerns locally about whether
 the 12mm. bolts holding these down will be strong enough  to withstand the strong gales which blow up and down this harbour.

The picture below was taken from the same place as the top photo. The occasion was the blessing of the boats for the start of the salmon fishing season. It was a time when people turned towards the sea and respected it and appreciated what it cold provide rather than turning their backs on it like some of todays town councils.                                                                                                                     

 Below is a link to a local group who provide good training and experience in all things to do with boating.

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